Three types of SMEs bring together a broad range of perspectives and experiences into the project.

Urban Designers

The role of urban design firms is to design attractive public spaces for cities. They notice that existing instruments (for redesign, repavement, new lighting etc.) lacks the ability to coop with safety perceptions and boosting the quality of public space. More flexible and responsive instruments are needed to gain more knowledge on interactive objects and how they can contribute to the attractiveness of public space.

AKKA Architects
AKKA Architects

AKKA Architects, founded in 2012 by Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes, is an architecture and design studio specialized in designing spaces that promote creativity, collaboration, and development. The expertise is based on developing interventions such as furniture design, interior renovation, and architectural renovation. In order to turn them in new constructions for urban design and regional planning.
Website AKKA Architects

IAA stedenbouw en Landschap
IAA Urban Design & Landscape

Dynamic, young and venturous firm for urban design, planning. and landscape. Part of IAA architects, a full-service agency with offices in Enschede and Amsterdam. Their strength lies in complex, knowledge-intensive tasks, with care, education, reuse, and sustainability. The team consists of 75 dedicated and enthusiastic employees that design and advice in the fields of architecture, interior design, and urban design & landscape.
Website IAA stedenbouw en Landschap

Space & Matter
Space & Matter

From origin, Space&Matter is an architectural office. They create urban development strategies; make online platforms; and even initiate new business ventures. They focus on improving the built environment and promoting a cohesive society.
Website Space & Matter

Interaction and Concept designers

Creative concept designers work with interactive installations (sound, image, light, and sensors). These installations are often an artistic expression, only temporary, and financially complex structured. They are not rooted in the urban design field and therefore not instantly applicable. It requires investigation how these objects can be adjusted in the urban context.

Ax710 i.s.m. NP3
Logo NP3
AX710 I.S.M. NP3

Ax710 develops new concepts, ideas and projects which focuses on future-oriented, cross-sectoral, and research oriented solutions. Always in the context of the art(world) and artist in relation to social developments of culture, economics, politics, technology, and science. Np3 -no parking to the 3rd power- is the plateau for research and experiments with contemporary art. Np3 offers three unique locations in the Centre of Groningen. The (inter)national program is various, sharp, innovative, and focus on the actualities!
Website ax710               Website np3


IJsfontein develops playful ways of digital learning for education, health care, culture, and business. According to IJsfontein Playful Learning goes far beyond playing a game. It is a new way of looking at motivation and behavior.
Website IJsfontein is a creative technological company that makes important digital products. is located in the center of Amsterdam with over 70 employees in scrum teams, working on strategies, service design, and platform development for clients such as Sa, BVA Auctions, T-Mobile, Graydon, Adyen and many others. Together with Labs, researches and experiments the near future.

Northern Light
Northern Light

Northern Light develops, designs, and implements physical and digital experiences for brands, museums, and public spaces. The goal of NorthernLight is to realize projects that are interesting, permeate, and impactful. Northernlight works on all continents; the portfolio comprises more than 150 projects in 25 countries. Northernlight has offices in Amsterdam and Shanghai.
Website Northern Light


Pronorm as an audiovisual service company, is leading in the field of urban experiences; solutions that ensure that people experience a more pleasant and save environment. Usually they make use of very large projections (on facades of buildings), enriched by (LED) lighting, sound, and interactive control systems.
Pronorm website


Foodjoy focuses on concept development and advice on new food products, engineering, and education with regard to food and exercise. In addition, they also organize creative food events.
Website Foodjoy


Golfstromen is an office in Amsterdam for spatial research, projects, campaigns. Golfstromen is the founder of the international online magazine pop-up City, which is about ideas, trends, and developments for the city of today and the future. Golfstromen creates innovative spatial concepts, events, and communication campaigns for companies and Governments.
Website Golfstromen


R2Pro helps organizations to grow sustainably, with easy-to-use technical products developed by a team of experts. They are working for companies who do not have a Development Department, but still want to innovate. R2Pro’s has its own development methods, they make sure that your ideas are turned into products. R2Pro, from Research to Product.
Website R2PRO

Scape Interactive Architecture / Teun Verkerk Projects

Teun Verkerk creates interactive spaces, objects, and experiences. His work is based on design research that focuses on creating physical objects in the environment by digital, interactive, and electronic technologies.


Entangle uses a people-centered approach by bridging the gap between technology, business, and people.
Website Entangle

Local business partners:

Local business partners are becoming increasingly dependent on the attractiveness and safety of public space. From this point of view, the following companies are represented:

Afas Live
Afas Live

AFAS Live is the place where music lovers of live music and entertainment are given a total experience. The place also offers a platform for event organizers with a B-t-B or B-t-C character.
Website Afas Live

Amsterdam ArenA
Amsterdam ArenA

Amsterdam ArenA belongs to the top of international, multipurpose stadiums. It is home of AFC Ajax, the Dutch national soccer team, and the stage for top concerts, dance events, and business meetings. Together with partners Amsterdam ArenA offers services and facilities at the highest level, while it is working on optimizing security in and around the stadium.
Website Amsterdam ArenA

Holiday Inn
Holiday Inn & Holiday Inn Express Amsterdam ArenA Towers

Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express & Amsterdam Area Towers are 3 and 4 star hotels with a total of 443 rooms. In addition, the hotel has 10 meeting rooms for 400 people, with a cozy Open Lobby restaurant, which serves Starbucks coffee.
Website Holiday Inn Amsterdam ArenA Towers

Stichting Partners ArenAPoort



Villa ArenA
The Foundation Partners ArenAPoort (SPA)

The Foundation Partners ArenAPoort (SPA) has two objectives:

  • Inform ArenA Port visitors (channel), indirectly extend their visit, and increase the visit frequency (online via website and social media, offline through consumer map);
  • Act as information/consultation forum/representative/liaison partners on behalf of the collective affiliated members. For example, on subjects such as accessibility, BIZ, and communication with visitors.

In addition, to her role as Chairman of SPA (Foundation Partners ArenA port, in which almost all entrepreneurs of the ArenA Boulevard participate), Bep van der Molen also represents Klépierre as a Mall Manager of Villa ArenA, the largest indoor furniture boulevard of the Netherlands.
Website ArenAPoort                Website Villa ArenA                Website Klepierre          


Other parties involved

The Advisory Group is made up of institutions that share their knowledge and expertise to optimize the research. In addition, the Advisory Group monitors the broader approaches and outcomes. Partly because of this approach the knowledge is already applied, shared and implemented in the course.

Hogeschool van Amsterdam
Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Technical research focuses on solving and designing: translating knowledge into products. Essential is to make tangible materials, products or processes. This distinguishes it from classical scientific research (science). For the research, the HvA Knowledge Centre Technique teachers, researchers, and students work together with sectors in labs such as the SEFLab, Innovatielab, OpenBIM-lab, and logistics Lab.
Website Hogeschool van Amsterdam               Projectpagina Co-ReUS

TU Delft
TU Delft

The Department of Transport & Planning, of the Faculty of civil engineering, and Geosciences at the Technical University of Delft, perform scientific research in the field of transport, logistics, and infrastructure. They conduct research on pedestrian traffic movement, data collection, and experiments, to gather insights into the behavior of pedestrians.
Website TU Delft – Winnie Daamen            Website TU Delft – Serge Hoogendoorn

UvA – Big Data

Prof. Dr. Sander Klous is an expert in the field of Big Data, data fusion and modeling. His expertise and knowledge is in the field of “Crowd control & behavior”. As part of the analyzes he will make connections between all kinds of data streams.
Website UvA – Prof. dr. Sander Klous

UvA – Urban Planning

Dr. Marco Brömmelstroet is Assistant Professor of Urban Planning at the University of Amsterdam. His research focuses on the relationship between use of space and mobility behavior. Together with Willem Boterman, founding academic director, of the Urban Cycling Institute; he investigates the Dutch bicycle culture. He analyzes and advises about the qualitative measurements of the pedestrian flows.
Website Urban Cycling Institute

Gemeente Amsterdam
Municipality of Amsterdam, district Southeast

District Southeast ensures that there is proper assembly around the local developments intended to take place (permits, management, events, projects, reconciliation etc.).
Website City of Amsterdam


The BNSP is the Professional Association of Dutch Urbanists and Planners. It is a platform for meeting, developing, and supporting spatial professionals. The BNSP provides collecting societies and members with the same interest. Organizing excursions, lectures, and other professional meetings throughout the Netherlands.
Website BNSP

Levende stad
De Levende Stad

The Living City Foundation facilitates an open network where professionals, public administrators, companies, institutes, and interested parties come together to exchange knowledge and experiences. For innovation in the regional planning to accelerate the development.
Website The living city

Amsterdam Smart City
Amsterdam Smart City

Amsterdam Smart City (ASC) is the innovation platform of the Amsterdam metropolitan area. ASC challenges businesses, residents, municipality, and knowledge institutions to innovative ideas, solutions for urban problems, and to test them in the area. This adds to the livability of Amsterdam, promotes sustainable economic growth, and helps develop new markets.
Website Amsterdam Smart City