The educational programs linked to this project, reflect the different SMEs and involved disciplines. HvA researchers and SME’s act as “clients” towards students. We offer them the opportunity to use the ArenA Boulevard as test-site including the used technology.

In the first 3 months of the project 176 students from 3 faculties of the HvA and the Rietveld Academy were involved. For the next six months, approximately 300 first year to graduation studio students from five modules are planned.

After one year the goal is to involve a total of approximately 460 students, 10 modules, 7 courses and about 12 lecturers in the project.

Overview of involved courses

Bachelor of Built Environment, HvA Faculty of technology (spatial design)
– Minor Urban Revitalization
– Graduation Studio Urban design
Assignment: Spatial design of the public space.

Bachelor of Engineering, HvA Faculty of technology:
– Engineering Design and Innovation (2nd year)
– E-technology and Product Design (3rd year)
Assignment: technical design and construction of prototypes. While testing these on the ArenA Boulevard.

Bachelor of Applied Mathematics, HvA Faculty of technology
-Minor Big Data
Assignment: Data modelling, data analysis, and data fusion.

Bachelor of Industrial Engineering, HvA Faculty of technology
-Minor Start up your business in Technology
-Business modeling (4th year).
Assignment: question from spatial design and demand from object developers.

Bachelor of Product Design, HvA Faculty of technology
– Collaborative Design (1st year)
Assignment: user research ArenA Boulevard

Bachelor Business Management MER, HvA Faculty of EM
– Product business (4th year)
Sector assignment in practice: Smart City business models.

Bachelor of Communication and Multimedia Design, HvA Faculty of DMCI
– Persuasive Design (3rd year)
Assignment: students develop a prototype in which interactive media in one way or another, affects the behavior of users.

Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Dogtime